THE PERFECT BODY GLOW, IN TWO EASY STEPS. GETTING SMOOTHER, BRIGHTER, FIRMER SKIN HAS NEVER BEEN SO SIMPLE! THIS UNBEATABLE DUO IS PACKED FULL OF SKINCARE’S MOST POWERFUL INGREDIENTS, INCLUDING GLYCOLIC ACID, RETINOL, VITAMIN C, AZELAIC ACID AND OUR FLAGSHIP INGREDIENT GLUTATHIONE, THE MOTHER OF ALL ANTIOXIDANTS. EXFOLIATE, SOFTEN AND PERFECT. THE PERFECT BODY LOTION Expert acid/antioxidant exfoliating lotion with 10% glycolic and azelaic acid, retinol, glutathione and orange oil. Firms and super smoothes. THE PERFECT BODY WASH Professional blend of 15% glycolic , azelaic and ascorbic acid (vitamin C), with glutathione (antioxidant). Deep cleans, brightens, exfoliates + super smoothes.

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