Hay Fever Relief

Hay Fever is caused by an allergic reaction to pollen. When pollen comes into contact with the mouth, eyes, nose or throat, the body reacts by making specific antibodies.

Hay Fever affects people differently and at different times depending on which pollen they are allergic to. The majority of people are allergic to grass pollen, and their symptoms will be at there worst between May and June. Tree pollen affects people in late spring between March and May whilst others are affected by weed and mould pollens in the autumn.

The condition is characterised by sneezing and coughing, a runny or blocked nose, red watery eyes, itchy throat, mouth, nose, eyes or ears, headaches and sometimes a feeling of fatigue or tiredness. Sufferers may also experience a wheeze and tightness in the chest.

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In the first instance it is recommended to try over the counter remedies available from the pharmacy or your GP. However, for some people these remedies do not work and their severe hay fever symptoms cannot be easily controlled.

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In line with good medical practice, a consultation will be required in the first instance so that we can assess your medical history, hay fever severity and suitability for treatment. Consultations can take place in the clinic or online via our Video Conferencing Consultation Service.

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