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We are CQC regulated as a medical setting for the treatment of Medical Weight Loss. This means that you are in the safest, experienced hands when visiting us.

We are able to offer you a Medical Weight Loss Service with prescription medication to suppress your appetite.

This will involve a once weekly injection at home.

You will receive guidance and support throughout your weight loss journey.

Overweight and obesity are associated with an increased risk of developing some cancers, cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes.

Starting your weight loss journey will have numerous benefits to your health.

Medical weight loss treatment in Ashby De La Zouch

What is Wegovy?

Wegovy is a weight loss medication that can help to regulate your appetite, reduce cravings and leave you feeling fuller for longer.

Wegovy can be a very effective medicine to achieve sustained weight loss when used alongside a reduced calorie diet, increased physical activity and when making healthier lifestyle choices.

How does Wegovy work?

Wegovy uses the active ingredient, semaglutide (a glucagon-like peptide-1 or GLP-1 for short) which is a hormone that is naturally present in your body that helps to regulate appetite.

It is injected once a week, at home, into the stomach, thigh or upper arms. GLP-1 helps to reduce the amount of sugar produced in the liver, boost basal insulin and decrease appetite.

Weight loss results are promising, with clinical trials showing that at 68 weeks of consistent semaglutide use, the average weight loss was 14.9%. Various doses are available with patients starting on a lower dose and gradually increasing each month as needed.

Wegovy in Ashby de la Zouch, Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire, Derby, Nottingham, Leicester

Who can have Wegovy?

Wegovy is available to patients with a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or over. Or a BMI of 27 and over, where additional health conditions related to body weight, such as high blood pressure, are present.

If you are interested to find out more about Wegovy but aren’t sure if you fit the criteria, please make an initial enquiry with our team of health care professionals by clicking below to complete an online assessment form. We will contact you shortly after to confirm your eligibility and, if suitable, to arrange an appointment at the clinic.

Pricing and Next Steps:

Wegovy Medical Weight Management starts at £250.00 for your initial assessment and first month’s medication. Prices thereafter are as follows:

Wegovy 0.25mg, 0.5mg and 1mg – £200.00 per month

Wegovy 1.7mg – £250.00 per month

Wegovy 2.4mg – £299.00 per month

Please click the link below to complete an online assessment form. We will be in touch with you shortly after.

Our team are looking forward to welcoming you to the clinic soon.