Leg Vein Treatment

If you have thread veins or spider veins on your legs, Microsclerotherapy in Ashby de la Zouch could be the answer. Sclerotherapy is a safe and well-established treatment which has been used for over fifty years. Although there are a number of alternative treatments which are effective and preferable for thread veins on the face, it remains the most reliable and successful treatment for leg veins.

What are thread veins/spider veins?

Thread veins are unsightly very small, abnormally dilated blood vessels. They are red/blue in colour and lie very close to the surface of the skin. Usually they cause no physical problems, occasionally they may cause discomfort and itching.

Why do I get these veins?

The veins in the legs have to return blood from the feet back up towards the heart against gravity. There are two main systems of veins in the legs. The deep system lies within the muscles in the legs and carries the majority of the blood. As the muscles contract the veins are squeezed and blood moves up the veins. Valves attached to the walls of the vessels prevent backward flow and as the blood moves up it is drawn into the deep system from the superficial system in the skin. In healthy veins the valves close and blood only moves in one direction.

Approximately 50% of the population will at some point develop a problem with their veins. Varicose veins occur when the valves in the veins do not close properly and blood leaks back against the flow, this is called reflux. Reflux causes a back pressure in the superficial veins which are not supported by muscle and can dilate. As they stretch their valves do not close properly ,and so the problem develops, leading to varicose veins and thread veins.

Though varicose veins can be very unsightly and uncomfortable only 2% of sufferers will go on to develop skin problems such as swelling, pigmentation and leg ulcers caused by the poor circulation. For this reason the NHS does not usually offer treatment for varicose veins which are considered largely a cosmetic problem.

For thread veins, the best results are achieved if there is no underlying reflux. Our Nurse Practitioner will assess you for signs of underlying problems and advise you accordingly.

What should I expect from my initial consultation?

A full and thorough assessment with our Nurse Practitioner involving a detailed discussion of the best treatment options for your legs.

You will be assessed in a standing position, this enables the Nurse Practitioner to fully assess your legs.

Following assessment you will be told how many sessions you may need and the cost. This varies according to the quantity and type of veins requiring treatment. Most sessions take between ½ to 1 hour. You should budget for at least two or three treatments. We sometimes also incorporate Thermavein treatment towards the end of your Microsclerotherapy plan as this can be used to treat any tiny remaining thread veins too.

The results after one treatment vary considerably from one client to another. Some veins may disappear completely whilst others may only fade and some remain unchanged. On completion of a successful treatment you can expect an improvement in the overall appearance of 60 – 80%. We hope that you will see enough improvement to increase your confidence in the way your legs look.

Your susceptibility to thread veins does mean that other thread veins may emerge over a period of time. In most cases, further treatments will be necessary. Some clients prefer to return each year whilst others may come back when more veins appear after a few years.

During this initial consultation you will be given a full explanation regarding the side effects of treatments and the follow up care required.

What should I expect after treatment?

Once you remove the compression stockings expect your legs to look worse. There may be marks from the needle, bruising and often the veins may change from their normal red/blue colour, to black/brown, this is all normal and may take a few weeks to settle. Depending on how quickly you normally heal. Some people find the homoeopathic remedy ‘arnica’ helps to improve bruising.

The legs may feel slightly tender for the first few days following treatment. An anti-inflammatory drug such as ibuprofen is often helpful and walking may help.

After about 4 weeks the veins may show some signs of improvement, the true effect of treatment is seen between two to three months. Some larger darker flares may continue to fade for up to six months after the procedure.

The results of treatment can be seen at two to three months after your first treatment.

Prices and Information

Our recommended retailer for the purchase of compression stockings can be found here.

Advice regarding purchase will also be given at your consultation.

1 treatment – £275.00

Course of 3 treatments – £750.00

Our team are looking forward to welcoming you to the clinic soon.