Hyperhidrosis Treatment

What are the symptoms of Hyperhidrosis?

Hyperhidrosis is excessive sweating which interferes with everyday life.

Primary hyperhidrosis is localised, and concentrated in certain areas such as the hands, feet, armpits, groin, back, head and face and almost always occurs on both sides of the body.

Secondary hyperhidrosis is generalised, presenting itself all over the body and not always in a specific area.

What causes hyperhidrosis?

We do not know what causes primary hyperhidrosis.

Secondary hyperhidrosis is due to another illness or medications affecting the body.

Will my Hyperhidrosis go away or will I grow out of it?

This varies considerably between individuals. Some people do find it gets less as they get older while others find it worsens as they get older.

Botox can help to alleviate the symptoms of Primary Hyperhidrosis, how does it work?

The toxin works by blocking the chemical at the end of the nerves so that it cannot work on the glands or muscles. In the case of the sweat glands it turns them off to reduce sweating.

How is it done?

It requires multiple small injections of the toxin a few centimetres apart in the armpit. Although not licensed, some Practitioners do use it for treating hyperhidrosis of the hands, feet, parts of the body and even the face.

What can go wrong?

As long as the medically trained practitioner doing the treatment is experienced and knows the anatomy of the surrounding area then there are rarely any serious side effects.

All of the possible side effects and complications will be discussed with you in full during a consultation with our Independent Nurse Prescriber.

It is extremely important to discuss all of the possible side effects and complications with your Practitioner before you consent to treatment.

How long do the treatment effects last?

It varies from person to person. On average it may last between 6 to 9 months. Many of our clients, however, return annually for a repeat treatment.

Prices and Information

Treatment Cost of £425.00 inclusive of consultation and review appointments required.

Please note it is a requirement of the Care Quality Commission (CQC) that all medical practitioners offering treatment of Hyperhidrosis must be CQC Registered.

We are proud to be Regulated by the CQC.

Our team are looking forward to welcoming you to the clinic soon.