I want glowing skin

Who doesn’t want glowing skin!

Regardless of age, this is something we often hear. We all want healthy, glowing skin.

Often we are told:

“I’d like to feel confident without makeup” 
“My skin looks tired and dull” 
“I can’t keep on top of my breakouts and I’ve tried everything”.

It can sometimes be a vicious circle. You may not be happy with your skin’s appearance so you try many different skincare brands. You may wear heavier makeup than you’d like, and you may even have visited somewhere for treatments that you don’t feel made any difference.

Well, first of all, lets set the record straight from the outset…

We are not a beauty salon – we are a Medical Skin Clinic and we combine medical grade skincare routines with evidence based clinical treatments.

Our staff are all Skin Specialists and our clinic is Nurse Led.

We are trained to deal with many skin concerns including skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, scarring, hyperpigmentation and much more.

We tailor our treatment and skincare advice to your individual skin condition or concern.

Skincare Consultation

In the first instance we always suggest a Skincare Consultation. At this appointment we discuss your concerns and expectations. We look at what you are already doing with regards to home skincare routines and/or treatments and we perform a full Skin Analysis using our Observ 520X medical skin analysis machine. This allows us to see so much more than what is visible on the surface of your skin and gives us the ability to offer you the best possible advice and treatment options.

During this consultation, we will advise not only treatment options but suggestions for skincare use at home. There is no hard sell – we simply give you all the advice you need and then work with you to find a suitable treatment plan going forward. And we have many, many options available!! All of which are backed by science and proven to give results.

Our team are looking forward to welcoming you to the clinic soon.