What does Radio Frequency do for the skin?

Do you feel your skin lacks firmness and vitality?

Are you wanting plumper and tighter skin?

With so many treatment offerings here at Aeternum Aesthetics it’s hard to know what the correct treatment is as everything sounds like a bit of us!  In this blog today I will be explaining one of our more overlooked but equally amazing treatments, Radio Frequency and why it’s great for anti ageing. 

Radio frequency penetrates the skins layers to selectively heat the skin tissue and the cell matrix where the collagen fibres are found.  The heating of the area causes the collagen fibres to contract and also increase the production of fibroblast cells which in turn produces new collagen and elastin to create smoother, healthier and younger looking skin.  It penetrates to a depth of 3-4mm, down to the lower layers to really target those collagen and elastin fibres.  

A Radio Frequency facial will target any anti ageing concerns and can treat ‘crows feet’, upper lip lines, jowls and the tightening of the neck area.  Smoothing fine lines and wrinkles and strengthening loose skin.  A great facial for someone who doesn’t want to go down the line of injectables but still wants amazing smooth skin.

The treatment itself consists of a double cleanse firstly to remove any impurities and make up, we then apply a hydrating serum as a glide on the skin for the radio frequency head.  The Radio Frequency Handpiece will be moved in gentle circular motions, slowly warming and heating the skin to 40 degrees.  Once the temperature has reached 40 degrees (optimum heat) we will maintain it for 4 minutes before moving to the next area.  To increase the healing process of the skin we will let you relax under the LED phototherapy light for 20 mins which will help to rejuvenate and give a great glow.  A hydrating and soothing cream will be applied to finish followed by SPF to protect your skin from UV rays which contribute to around 90% of the skins ageing process.

One facial would be a nice relaxing treat for the skin, however for maximum effect we would recommend a course of 8 at weekly intervals.  We can then do a maintenance treatment after this every 4-6 weeks to maintain your amazing results.

So if you are wanting a facial that takes less than an hour and gives your skin an instant lift and glow then this is for you!

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