How do I target my dark circles, tired eyes and crow’s feet?

The skin around the eyes is one of the thinnest and most delicate areas on the human body so it needs different care and treatments to the rest of the face.  It’s also usually the first area to reveal the very first signs of ageing like fine lines.

The eye-area skin doesn’t have as many oil glands and collagen as the rest of your face and body, making it more prone to dryness, droopiness, lines, and wrinkles.

Dark circles can form as a result of a lack of sleep. Sleep deprivation, it can cause your skin to grow pale.  This causes blood vessels beneath the skin to become more apparent, giving the appearance of dark circles.  

Genetics can play a part, research has found that family history was the most significant factor associated with dark circles and that the average age of onset for dark circles among participants was 24 years old. It determines the collagen levels and melanin production which contribute to dark circles.  

Alcohol and smoking trigger dark circles through dehydrating the skin.  Drinking alcohol can cause blood vessels to dilate, making dark circles look more prominent whilst also impacting our sleep patterns.

Carbon monoxide in cigarettes deprives your skin of oxygen, which can make it appear darker in places where the skin is thin, like under your eyes.  Smoking also speeds up skin ageing by breaking down collagen contributing to lines around the eyes. 

Mild swelling or puffiness under the eyes (or “bags”) are common as we age, the tissues around your eyes, including some of the muscles supporting your eyelids, weaken.  Normal fat that helps support the eyes can then move into the lower eyelids, causing the lids to appear puffy, fluid also accumulates in the space below your eyes, adding to the swelling.  Ordinary swelling around the eyes means you have an excessive accumulation of fluids in surrounding skin tissue, because the skin around the eyes is the thinnest skin in the body, swelling can be quite prominent.  Puffy eyes generally stem from a few different factors, overconsumption of salt, which causes fluid retention, allergies that can cause inflammation and swelling, sinus problems, dehydration, fatigue and lack of sleep stress and ageing.

Fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes are usually referred to as “crows feet”. Aesthetic treatments like Botox are great at smoothing this area however it’s always harder to treat the area right underneath the eyes, lines around this area can sink into foundation or concealer highlighting the lines.   Collagen and elastin production eventually becomes depleted due to age and other factors and because under-eye skin is so thin, it can lose elasticity and structure very quickly, leading to the gradual formation of lines and wrinkles.  

So, how can I treat all of these eye concerns?

We can treat all of the above issues with a new treatment called BeautifEYE. This treatment refreshes tired eyes, will reduce fine lines and wrinkles and brighten dark circles,  whether this is to prevent future formation or cure issues already there, this treatment is the answer.  

Over 40 years of research and development has gone into the FILLMED NCTF serum which stimulates the skin without changing the facial features or expressions.  Natural and effective that is ideal for all ages! 

What is the BeautifEYE treatment?

This treatment uses 3 tiny crystal silicone needles designed to deliver the NCTF135ha solution to the optimal depth, allowing to brighten and rejuvenate the eye area. 

What’s in it?

The award winning mesotherapy formula called NCTF135 has 59 active ingredients including amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins and hyaluronic acid.  Everything your skin needs for total rejuvenation. 

Does it hurt? 

The needle is 0.6mm which we describe as a “nano needle” and pain will be minimal, if any. 

What’s the downtime?

After the treatment there will be small papules of the NCTF solution which can reside for up to 24 hours.  They diffuse into the skin to flood the area with moisture over the next 24 hours.  We would advise if you have a big event to go to then not to have this the day before. 

What benefits will I see?

The eyes will be brighter, dark circles reduced, fine lines and crows feet smoothed and plumped and it can help to reduce puffiness around the eyes.  The BeautiEYE treatment will address all concerns of the eye area. 

What happens during the treatment?

The treatment will take around 30 minutes and contains 3 steps.  

Step 1 – we apply a gentle chemical peel to the eye area.  

Step 2 – we will inject into the upper dermis using the revitalizing solution NCTF® (hyaluronic acid and 59 active ingredients) using the NANOSOFT needle in order to reduce the risk of bruising and minimise pain during the injection.  

Step 3 – we finish with a soothing cream around the eyes. 

How many treatments will I need?

We recommend a course of 3 treatments for optimum results.  You will have a treatment on day 1, day 14 and day 28, so over a month period. 

How much does it cost?

A one-off treatment will be £120 and a course of three is £330. We recommend a course to get maximum results.

BeautifEYE improves the skin quality so makes it a great alternative to having tear trough filler. It is also extremely complimentary to any botox treatments as it places a fine layer of skin boosting ingredients under the skin, improving fine lines, crepey skin, dark circles and generally brightening and rejuvenating the eye area.  

We are expecting this to be a really popular treatment as it covers all eye concerns. Contact us now to be put on our waitlist.

Bookings are being made from Thursday 11th November 2021 onwards so get in touch asap for a pre Christmas eye boost! 

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