Why are my frown lines so bad? | Ashby de la Zouch

This is a question that is frequently asked when our patients come for a consultation with us at Aeternum Aesthetics in Ashby de la Zouch.  It’s not that your frown lines are “bad” they are just a bit deeper and more noticeable, for some more than others and it is a very common concern.

What are the frown lines called?

So now you know what the frown lines are, where they are and how they are caused what do we call them?  As Nurse Practitioners at Aeternum Aesthetics, Ashby de la Zouch you will hear us refer to this area as the Glabellar Complex or the Glabellar Region! (we have to be medical right!!) You often refer to them as the elevenses or simply frown lines.

Where are frown lines located?

Frown lines are the lines/creases between the eyebrows.  The lines appear when we make facial expressions, especially when frowning hence the name “frown lines”.  We all have them and they are perfectly normal.  When we get cross or annoyed we contract the muscles of the Glabellar Region.  For some people, these muscles also contract more so when they are concentrating/deep in thought or even when they are squinting in the sunlight. 

The Glabellar group of muscles are responsible for the frowning action that we see.  There are three muscles within the Glabellar Region. The first muscle is called the Procerus and this sits directly above the bridge of the nose. When we frown this muscle contracts downwards and it is this muscle that creates the horizontal line that some people see develop directly above the bridge of the nose. There are another two muscles involved in frowning and these are called the corrugators. They sit above each inner eyebrow and they create the vertical lines you sometimes see form between your eyebrows.  When the corrugator muscles pull inwards and contract they cause either one of two creases vertically, bit geeky right? If you are unlucky, both the procerus and corrugators can be overactive creating both vertical lines and horizontal but often we find one is more active that the other.

Are frown lines normal?

As mentioned before, yes frown lines are perfectly normal and affect all genders.  They can help show our emotions, and not always at the most appropriate times! Before I had treatment for frown lines people would tell me how ‘my face said it all’ – lol. 

Some people, they feel frown lines make them look angry and unapproachable.  For others frown lines can be quite deep and they are there even when their face is at rest and when no facial expression is being used.  This is quite usual if someone is very expressive.  The repeated use of the muscles causes the wrinkle to form and comes with ageing and movement. 

If you are less expressive then you are the lucky one and your frown will be “smoothie”…………… until you contract it!!!! 

Some people don’t mind them at all, but for others, frown lines can be really bothersome. 

However you feel about them, that’s perfectly ok. You do you, there’s no right or wrong when it comes to frown lines.

Are frown lines permanent?

Frown lines do not have to be permanent.  You may never get rid of them completely but it is possible for them to be reduced and smoothed, and if you are really fortunate they can be temporarily frozen.  Frown lines at rest can be preventable if treated at an early age and if treatments that relax the muscles are maintained.  Take note of this, you will thank us later! 

How can we help?

Here at Aeternum Aesthetics, Ashby de la Zouch we have a vast array of treatments available to you. Many of which can help to reduce and smooth the frown lines. 

Treatments vary depending on the level of need and improvements can often be seen from collagen-inducing facials, dermal filler, fractional laser using 3Juve technology and even wrinkle relaxation injections

If you are unsure which treatment best suits your needs, do not hesitate to book a consultation with us.  One of our Aesthetic Nurse Practitioners will assess your frown lines and be able to recommend a bespoke treatment plan for you to get the results you want. 

There are quite a few different options to consider when treating frown lines so my next blog will discuss our most popular treatment options for frown line reduction available in Ashby de la Zouch.