Medical Grade Skincare

What is it, is it better for your skin and why?

Nowadays there are an over whelming number of skincare products on the market and they are pretty much available from anywhere, be it your local shop, supermarket, chemist, online and professional salons and clinics.

It’s not surprising that we all become confused with understanding and trusting the claims and results promised from them all.

A clear radiant and imperfection-free complexion is something we all want but also don’t want to have to break the bank to achieve it, we have all at some point or another bought into the latest brand/fad promising AMAZING results and have been left feeling disappointed and that we have wasted our money.

SO, the big question is how can we learn where to make smarter more informed skincare choices and investments?

Is there REALLY a difference between the many options that surround us?

The truth is there is a difference…. A BIG ONE!

If you are lucky enough to be blessed with great looking, flawless skin that requires minimal effort then this blog may not apply to you right now or as much but that’s not to say that you shouldn’t be using a medical-grade skincare range or educate yourself on the difference between medical-grade and over the counter products as it will still most definitely benefit your skin and also help you to keep it in the lovely shape it is currently and even improve it.

So many factors can mean a sudden change in our skin – hormones, stress and environmental changes to name a few, all play a big part and contribute to our skin health. Unfortunately, most of us don’t actively seek out SUPER POWER products unless we have a particular concern/condition that is really bothering us such as breakouts etc and some of us seem to forget that good old saying “prevention is better than cure” which of course is completely true.

But, if you are more like the vast majority and want to improve your complexion then your skincare choices are critical and in the long run a bit of research and seeking out a skincare professional who can guide you and recommend the best suiting products  will save you a ton of money.

Medical-grade is a term that is so loosely used although in essence it actually has a significant meaning when it comes to skincare. The questions we ask ourselves “is this really going to work and actually make a difference? Or is it just another brilliant marketing lure?”

Honestly, the answer can be “YES” for both questions, I’ll let you into a little secret you will know the difference when you decide where you are going to buy it from.

Department and drug stores offer appealing products they smell nice, feel nice and are actually nice for the most part and quite affordable. Both offer over the counter products with various claims of what they are going to do for your skin.

A true medical-grade skincare brand is unique as the classification of medical-grade products is that they are PHYSICIAN DISPENSED. This means that they are sold by medical professionals in a clinic setting, or a medi-spa with a medical director who oversees product recommendations and client journeys.

In this blog I will discuss the differences between medical-grade skincare products and over the counter skincare products and ultimately why it is so important to pay the extra attention when purchasing them, also to help you understand truly what they are doing for your skin.

Your primary goal if you are experiencing problems with your skin should be to visit a skincare professional to gain some insight and advice. The skincare professional will have an in-depth knowledge about the skin, all possible skin types and conditions and also have worked with many of them before resulting in positive outcomes. They will also be able to explain what is happening inside your skin and why.

You should look for an aesthetician, medical aesthetician, cosmetic nurse, GP, surgeon or of course a dermatologist. These professionals usually have a wider portfolio other than just the medical-grade skincare to ensure they can treat your skin as effectively as possible, so will usually offer other technologies to name a few,

  • Lasers
  • IPL
  • Microneedling
  • Chemical Peels
  • Injectables

The reason for this is to enhance your results and help you maintain them long term.

Medical-grade homecare products will enhance the results achieved by any treatment done in clinic and the maintenance at home is a critical part of the programme to achieve the desired results.

We have established that medical-grade means they are available from clinics and establishments that operate under the medical direction and license of a physician, this is not to be confused with a brand that claims to have been developed by a physician or endorsed by physicians, that alone does not in anyway make a product medical-grade.

A critical component which separates medical-grade from over the counter products is the ingredients this includes,

  • Purity
  • Concentration
  • Selective blend of actives
  • Elements like PH

When you are looking in your local supermarket at the numerous skincare products available it is important to keep in mind all of those products are designed to keep even the most sensitive skin types safe and are produced for the masses. Meaning they contain much lower concentrations and buffers to prevent potential irritation to the skin.

Medical-grade skincare contains the highest concentrations of active ingredients, they are potent, pure and pack a punch. This is purposely done as they treat very specific skin conditions and concerns therefore should be used under the strict guidance of a professional. So, if you self-diagnose instead of seeking recommendation and guidance from a skin specialist the products you choose may cause irritation to the skin as they won’t be being used as they are intended.

Looking closer at the difference.

In one hand you have a medical-grade serum which has been recommended by a skin professional in the other you have an over the counter bought serum, from the very first application you can expect the over the counter serum to most likely feel good and bring hydration to your skin but when it comes down to performance it doesn’t stand a chance against the medical-grade serum.

The medical-grade serum from the skin professional will contain active ingredients such as,

  • Pure Actives
  • Acids
  • Humectants
  • Peptides
  • Enzymes

Many active ingredients have structural benefits or work strictly on or inside the skin with the ability to penetrate deeply offering a multi-layer approach to treatment. They also include advanced technologies like encapsulation which maintains the integrity and purity of actives as they penetrate into the skin.

Medical-grade products are strong enough to correct problems which are embedded deeper in the skin and also help with prevention.


The cost of medical-grade products may put people off as they are more expensive than the over counter products, but the saying “a little goes along way” is absolutely the case with these products. They tend to last a lot longer as you don’t need as much per use so when you take this into consideration they actually work out much more cost effective in the long run, plus you get your own skincare coach who will dive much deeper into understanding your skin and help you to as well.

Overall Summary

  • Medical-grade products will always offer stronger active ingredients strategically formulated for your skin under the expert guidance of a skin professional.
  • Medical-grade products focus on CORRECTION & PREVENTION.
  • They are physician dispensed and backed by science.
  • In the long run they will save you a TON of money.
  • Remember physician endorsed is NOT the same thing as medical-grade!
  • Action is not a reaction.

If you would like to learn more about our Medical Grade Skin Care please contact us to arrange a free Skin Care Consultation.

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