Can Cryopen remove moles?

Cryopen is an advanced cryotherapy treatment that delivers nitrous oxide to safely destroy benign skin lesions. It is an extremely quick and effective treatment which can safely treat up to a 5 mm deep lesion in just a matter of seconds.

Cryopen will only treat the lesion and not the healthy surrounding tissue. We use special applicator tips that are sized to treat different-sized lesions precisely, and because of this, we can accurately treat lesions on the face and even closely around the eyes without causing any unnecessary trauma to the surrounding healthy tissue.

Here at Aeternum Aesthetics in Ashby de la Zouch, we can use the Cryopen on many different lesions, including skin tags, cherry angiomas, warts, seborrhoeic keratosis, sun damage, pigmentation and even verrucas.

At Aeternum Aesthetics, we can also remove benign moles. We may ask for you to visit your General Practitioner (GP) in the first instance, to ensure that the lesion is safe for removal. However, in most cases, where a patient comes to us for treatment, they will have already visited their GP and have been told that the lesion in question is harmless and, therefore, safe for removal.

If you have a mole that has changed in appearance: modified in shape or colour, or has become more raised/prominent, then we will always advise that you visit your GP in the first instance to receive a diagnosis as to what kind of lesion it is before we will be able to consider a cosmetic removal. If in doubt, you should always get it checked first.

Is Cryopen safe?

Cryopen has a special applicator which can be selected for different-sized lesions. This means that the treatment will involve minimal discomfort and few side effects. Cryopen requires no anaesthesia and has less chance of scarring than other techniques of skin lesion removal.  We deliver the Nitrous Oxide directly onto the lesion, avoiding the healthy tissue surrounding it.

Does Cryopen work?

Yes, it does. Cryopen is a very effective treatment. The NHS is a regular user of cryotherapy; however, cosmetic procedures such as skin tags, benign mole removal, warts, cherry angiomas, etc., are no longer treatable through the NHS.

How many treatments will I need?

Following treatment, it is sometimes necessary for a follow-up session to be performed. This very much depends on the size and depth of the lesion in question. We recommend that follow-up treatment be performed 2 to 4 weeks after the first session. This is to make sure that all of the pathological tissue has disappeared. 

At Aeternum Aesthetics, we will send you a follow-up email two weeks post-treatment to see how the treated area has healed. If any of the lesion remains, then we encourage you to book a further session.

How many sessions are needed for warts?

Warts can often be much deeper under the skin than other lesions, such as skin tags, for example. So it isn’t unusual for warts to require multiple sessions to completely remove the affected tissue. We advise 2 to 3 weeks in between each session. 

Does it hurt?

Most people feel a cold sensation on the skin, which may sting slightly, although any discomfort is short-lived.  After the treatment has been completed, you will be aware of the treated area, which will look slightly inflamed. Occasionally lesions may blister post-treatment, but this tends to settle very quickly.

We recommend that you keep the lesion as dry as possible after treatment.  We ask you to avoid covering the lesion with a dressing and to refrain from using any creams or lotions on the treated area. This allows the lesion to dry over as quickly as possible and helps speed up the healing process.

How long does cryotherapy last?

Lesion removal with cryopen is permanent. Once the lesion has gone, it won’t come back.  Some lesions may need multiple sessions for complete removal, and this is dependent on both the size and type of lesion, but once the treatment has been successfully completed, you can be assured that the removal is permanent.

How much does the treatment cost?

Prices for Cryopen treatment start from £75 for a small skin tag.

Where there are multiple lesions needing treatment, we suggest that you contact us to arrange a consultation so that we can take a look and quote you accordingly.  For consultations, please give us a call on 01530 417 897. Our clinic is conveniently located in the centre of Ashby de la Zouch in North West Leicestershire.

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