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Crow’s feet lines are the wrinkles/lines that present themself next to the corner of the eye. This is where they are at their strongest and they start to soften when you get to the top of the cheek.

Crow’s feet lines can be “static” meaning they are there when the face is at rest and also “dynamic” caused by movement when we smile, squint, laugh and even frown. They are also known as smile lines. You’re probably thinking why are they called “crows feet” and what relation has that to the eye area? Well, there is no link at all! It’s more to do with the resemblance of the line’s appearance that gives them its name. Picture a crow, I know it’s weird but you can! Imagine them flying down, ready to perch on a branch and their claws are spread, ready to grasp that branch! See the resemblance?

The skin surrounding the eye is a lot thinner than it is on the rest of your face. Unfortunately, this causes the area to develop fine lines and wrinkles before other areas of the face. You may start to notice the first signs of crow’s feet later on in your twenties and into your early thirties as the faint lines start to present themselves by the corner of the eyes. Unfortunately, with time, these lines gradually deepen and become increasingly visible until they are very defined, taking on the so-called ‘crow’s foot’ appearance. Not only are the lines caused by muscle movement, but the ageing process and environmental factors also have an impact on the visibility of these lines.

Are Crows Feet Lines Permanent?

You will be pleased to hear that crow’s feet lines are not permanent. They can be significantly reduced or eliminated with in-clinic treatments here at Aeternum Aesthetics, Ashby de la Zouch.

Are Crows Feet Lines Reversible?

There are many Aesthetic treatments available to clients here in the clinic. When treating the delicate eye area it is best practice to take a holistic approach. What does this mean? Well, we consider environmental factors, ageing, skin quality and the severity of the lines before recommending treatments. With correct treatments, crow’s feet lines are reversible.

Can Botox help to treat Crows Feet?

Absolutely, botox is our best friend when it comes to treating crow’s feet lines. Botox is our go-to treatment for crow’s feet lines in the clinic at Aeternum Aesthetics in Ashby de la Zouch and our most popular too! 

Remember previously when I mentioned static and dynamic crow’s feet lines? And a holistic approach? We always recommend botox as a first-line treatment to prevent dynamic lines, and we all have them in this particular area. Botox injections target the orbital rim of the orbicularis oculi muscle. The Orbicularis oculi muscle is circular around the eye and is just under the surface of the skin. 

By targeting this muscle Botox temporarily blocks the brain’s signal to the muscle preventing it from contracting and therefore not forming the wrinkle-causing crow’s feet lines. This treats the dynamic line. Repeated/maintenance treatments prevent the line/wrinkle from deepening. As an adjunct to this treatment good daily eye skin care is paramount as well as wearing sunglasses and hats in the summer months, to reduce squinting.

If botox helps reduce dynamic crow’s feet lines, How do you treat static lines?

There are a few in-clinic treatment options for these types of lines and they differ a lot from injectables. Our newest treatment to Aeternum Aesthetics, Ashby de la Zouch is a non-ablative fractional/fractionated laser. 

This treatment delivers a large number of very small spots per square centimetre of skin treated. These spots go through the stratum corneum and epidermis and penetrate the dermis. The heat from the laser causes a controlled trauma effect which then stimulates collagen and elastin in the treated areas for up to 90 days from the first treatment. This stimulation tightens and plumps the skin, reducing the depth and appearance of the lines. A course of treatments is recommended for optimum results.

If you would like to find out more about the treatments we offer here in the clinic at Aeternum Aesthetics, Ashby de la Zouch please contact us to book a consultation with one of our team.

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