AlumierMD Skincare at Aeternum Aesthetics in Ashby de la zouch

My Skin Care Recommendations and why!

If there’s one thing that makes me feel like I look healthy and fresh, it is glowing skin.  

With working in the beauty/aesthetics industry for over 12 years I have used, and worked with, many different skincare brands over the years, previously favouring and always going back to Elemis (they did smell nice, and that’s what we want from our skincare right)!?

Since working at Aeternum Aesthetics over the past 18 months I’ve completely changed my skincare and now use in-clinic brand, AlumierMD.  My skin is 100% in better condition, from the monthly breakouts which are no longer, texture which is a lot smoother, excess oil absorbed so no ‘cakey’ makeup and just generally having a brighter, more even complexion.  

I’ll be honest, the one thing Alumier doesn’t have, is the ‘amazing’ smell but, do we buy products for our face because they smell nice or because we are hoping for our skin to be in much better condition?  THAT is what Alumier does!  

I have always been quite good with my skin, having a decent routine since my late teens. Working with several skincare brands has meant that the importance of a good homecare routine was drilled into me.  I also think that having a good skincare routine at home will definitely boost your results from the in-clinic treatments such as wrinkle-relaxing injections, dermal fillers or facial treatments. 

I always start my morning routine by using a cleanser with cold water as I think this really de-puffs the skin and wakes me up.  I’ll admit I’m not a great morning person so any boost for me (and the skin) is much needed in the morning.

Morning Routine

The best thing about my morning routine is that it does not make my skin oily throughout the day, I used to have issues with my make-up not lasting and looking cakey throughout the day due to excess oils.  The hydralight moisturiser I use in the morning is a much lighter texture than the others in the range and it instantly soaks into the skin whilst still hydrating.

Evening Routine

In the evening I always make sure I use a more hydrating and nourishing moisturiser, especially when using the Retinol and Bright & Clear Solution as these are exfoliating products so I’m just making sure I’m adding some additional moisture in there.  

I’m fully aware if I don’t manage to do my full nighttime routine (usually on an occasional late Saturday evening after one too many gins) my skin suffers the next day. It will always look a little dull and tired and feel quite dehydrated …. it’s not the gins fault though!

Aren’t there too many products in your routine?

With Alumier MD we believe in having a core basic routine consisting of a cleanser, exfoliant, moisturiser and SPF.  Skin-specific serums and treatments can then be added based on your skincare concerns and needs.  This is why AlumierMD is recommended for each individual skin so you can get the best results as it is personalised to you.  Each product that I use is being used for a reason to treat a specific concern. 

Doesn’t all of that exfoliation make your skin dry or sensitive?

So, because my skin is on the oily side I would recommend a highly exfoliating routine, especially if you suffer with acne, have any acne scarring on the skin and also if pigmentation is a concern. This will help to slough it off the surface of the skin.  If, however, your skin is more sensitive or dry I would say to start using one exfoliating product twice per week and build up slowly so your skin builds up a tolerance to it.  This is why a consultation with us regarding your skincare routine is so important.  We can advise you on what’s best and keep checking in to see how you are getting on. 

Is an SPF necessary?

Yes yes yes!  95% of the skin’s ageing is caused by sun damage and UV exposure so why wouldn’t we want to do something about that?  

Always make sure your SPF is separate from your moisturiser or foundation. These types usually contain a ‘chemical’ filter which basically absorbs the UV rays into the skin and leaves the body to break them down, potentially causing harm and irritation to the skin. We want ‘mineral’ filters in our SPF, like zinc oxide or titanium dioxide as these types sit on the surface of the skin and reflect the rays away. This makes them much more effective and safer for the skin as they won’t break down in sunlight, the time when we need it the most! 

If you have any questions about your current routine or wish to explore our AlumierMD range further then please call us on 01530 417 897 to arrange a Skincare Consultation at Aeternum Aesthetics, Ashby de la Zouch.